Westminster Light Rail Station is open! AVA Gallery talk is online.

I suppose I have not kept this up to date. The Westminster, Colorado Light Rail Station Windscreen Project was completed last summer. Images are on the Public Art page of my website. Also my gallery talk (one of three talks I gave that week) is available for viewing on Vimeo at this link:  https://vimeo.com/178232455      The show at AVA last summer included work I produced on my two month Artist in Residency in Corris, Wales at the end of 2015, and that work is now on my website. In more recent news, I am the artist selected for the 2017 Artist in Residence at the National Wildlife Refuge in Cedar Key, FL. Only one artist is selected each year, so I am honored. I will be living in a lighthouse on an uninhabited island, making art. Stay tuned for examples of work created during this residency, coming up in a couple of months.