Die Wanderungen: Paintings incorporating multiple images. Series started in 2007; continues in 2017 (ongoing).  


Places and Times: Paintings of a single view. Series started in 2000; continues in 2017 (ongoing).

Includes images from series "Where The Wood Drake Rests", "Backwoods", "Foggy Morning".



Artist in Residence Work: Cymru (Wales) 2016



Artist in Residence Work: Seahorse Key (Cedar Key Wildlife Refuge). One artist invited for 2017 to live and work on this uninhabited island.



Places and Memories: Series started in 1997; and still ongoing.



The Raptors: Series started in 1992; the latest revisited in 2014.
link to "California Wild" article



In the Forest:  Series started in 1991; the latest revisited in 2014.


Small Place Paintings, Fancy, Folly and Some Small Birds



Small Real Places